A Private Coaching Facility!

LIFT is an evidence-based, results-orientated, coaching-inspired facility developed with our members in mind.

From the out of shape to the seasoned trainer, we get better results than any other training program around and we constantly develop to make sure we stay ahead.

We have a range of options from private coaching to group training and have everything you need to not only get in shape but stay in shape… for life!


We Guarantee Our Members Great Workouts And Great Results!

Maybe you’re not getting the results you deserve, maybe you just don’t know where to start or maybe you just want to take yourself to the next level.

Our knowledge, care and attention to detail is certainly unique. And with over 10 years’ experience we have worked with and helped hundreds of clients achieve results that they first believed to be impossible.

Real People, Real Results

Results are specific to each and every person. Maybe you want to lose some body fat, maybe you want to get stronger and build muscle or maybe you just want a better quality of life.

Every person is unique so it’s important you identify your own goals. And we can help you with this.

Your goals, your achievements so make them specific to you.

Positive environments lead to positive actions so surrounding yourself with the right people is essential.

Developing this type of environment isn’t easy and can only be achieved by the people of the LIFT. We are extremely proud of the environment we have created over the years and can guarantee it’s a place of non-judgement or egos.

Our friendly trainers and welcoming members is the perfect place to kickstart your health and fitness journey. As part of the LIFT family, you’ll be guided, educated, and supported.

This time, you’ll get there.
Let us help you.

Ready to make life changing
results to your health and fitness?

LIFT has everything you need
to finally achieve your ultimate goals.

Join Durham’s number one training facility

From £42.99 per month.

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