Month: July 2018

How to lose belly fat

Do you find yourself crossing your arms over your stomach when you sit down, sucking in when company is present or wearing baggier tops than normal, so it doesn’t “cling” to your belly? I bet you have also tried every diet going, every food that “eliminates” belly fat and yet still you’re frustrated. Look, we […]

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One reason you are not seeing results

When was the last time you noted actual progress. Progress that you could say with 100% certainty confirms what you are doing inside of the gym and outside of the gym is actually working? Do you how how it feels to be reassured that what you are doing is taking you one step closer to […]

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When to eat for fat loss…

Spiking insulin in the morning will prevent you from burning body fat When you fast, your body utilises fat for energy therefore you burn more fat If you eat too late at night, it will sit on your stomach and turn to fat   I am going to assume you have probably heard these, and […]

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What is Personal Training?

Sorry, I could resist the opportunity to use a buff guy in cheesy short, shorts… But in reality, this is many peoples perception of Personal Trainers …but what is Personal Training (PT)? Many perceive PT’s to be glorified rep counters or people that are going to get you out of bed at 6am and make […]

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How to create a calorie deficit without tracking calories

On chatting with one of our LIFT members yesterday, he asked how to create a calorie deficit without the need to actually track calories… My response was that it is very specific to each individual, which is why we work with individuals on their specific requirements, and you would need to look at your specific […]

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Eating after 8pm… What happens?

This was a myth I thought had past it sell by date, but on talking with a client just the other day it appears not On talking nutrition, she mentioned trying to avoid eating after a certain time at night. When I asked why she quite casually stated that it turns to fat if it’s […]

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