Month: September 2018

Three principles for muscle development

Have you been training for a while now but don’t appear to be making any mentionable gains? Maybe you seen an initial surge in development but now you struggle to see changes.   I spent a good amount of time in my younger years looking for development, but I was always disappointed with the lack […]

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Do you struggle to add muscle?

Do you find yourself constantly in the gym and lifting weights but not seeing any notable results? Like you, I have been in this position and felt I was different and unable to add any definitive muscle mass. The guys around me were huge and made it look so easy… But muscle building is like […]

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The ONE secret for successful fat loss

This article is for anyone that is serious about fat loss. If your sole concern is weight loss and what the number on the scales states every weigh-in day then this probably isn’t your bag. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of training and nutrition programs, diets, exercises regimes etc., and it can be very […]

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Weight loss Vs. Fat loss

Whether you require weight loss or fat loss is entirely your call. But before you make the decision be clear on what both are and the results it will achieve: Weight loss: Loss of muscle, stored energy, water and a small % of fat Very little improvement of physique (essentially a smaller version of the […]

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A beginner’s guide to fuel for the GNR

Another year is nearly upon us and many of you warriors will be taking the stand on Sunday to take part in the annual Great North Run (GNR)… First off, well done for taking part… I wish you the very best of luck! Secondly, have you got your nutrition right? Have you done your research […]

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