Month: October 2018

Chris Results!

I would like to say an absolute massive well done to Chris So far, he has lost an unbelievable 41lbs of body fat since March this year and as you can tell is looking pretty good. His weight began at 228lbs and he is now weighing a lighter 187lb   I say so far as […]

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Cushions & jumpers… an analogy to female bulking

Lifting weights leads to huge biceps, traps and quadzillas. It creates an uncanny resemblance to the incredible hulk and develops the ability to tear clothes at the slightest squeeze of a muscle Anyone can easily add 10, 20 or 30lbs of muscle in a few measly months by simply eating more protein and lifting a […]

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Very fat to very lean… The training structure

Training is a very important aspect to dropping body fat and increasing leanness, however make no mistake, you can train like a beast but if you eat like a pig the former is a pointless process.   But let’s assume you don’t eat like a pig. You are now in control of your energy intake […]

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3 hacks for a more productive day

Make your bed before you leave the bedroom: Let me ask you, how does it make you feel when you oversleep and start rushing around to get out on a morning? It makes you feel flustered and underprepared, right? And this feeling generally stays with you for most of the day. Now imagine flipping this […]

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