Month: March 2020

Know Your Fats

Fats, (sometimes referred to as lipids) have sparked much controversy over the years with some claiming it’s the root cause for cardio vascular disease and others claiming higher fat diets are superior for fat loss… confusing right? Each gram of fat contains 9kcals of energy. So, in comparison to protein (4kcal) and carbohydrates (4kcal) fat […]

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Know Your Protein

We know it’s important but what do you get for your returns? Once over, when the research wasn’t as easily understood, protein was associated mainly with building muscle. If you wanted to look like Arnie you ate protein… and lifted weights. However, the research is now for more advanced than it was back then, and […]

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Know Your Recovery!

To build a strong, lean physique that is capable of handling all of life’s daily stresses, your training is super, super important. In fact, it’s a necessity. But there is one other thing that’s even MORE important. And that’s recovery. Yes, one of the unsexy parts and ALWAYS undervalued aspects of creating the body you […]

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