55lbs down… so far!

Six months down and 55 lbs lost…

Like many people Gemma came with the goal of losing weight. She had done many diets in the past and in some cases lost a lot of weight.

But here lies the issue… weight.

The fixation on weight can be truly debilitating. The focus becomes solely on the scale numbers and the chase to reduce the numbers overpowers the real cause which is body fat accumulation.

This leads to unhealthy habits and ultimately an unhappy life. Food groups are eliminated and an obsession with an excessive amount of exercise is not uncommon.

From a logical sense it seems plausible that the more you exercise and the less you eat the more weight you will lose. Unfortunately this leads to more health implications that benefit and can seriously damage your metabolism.

For the past six month Gemma has been on a true journey of discovery. She hasn’t eliminated any foods from here diet and she hasn’t done any extreme exercise regime. In fact she trains an average of only twice per week.

What Gemma has done is slowly accepted the process of dropping body fat and understood it’s not a quick procedure. She has modified her lifestyle outside of the gym and is gradually developing a healthy relationship with food.


The photo that made Gemma realise a change was needed (left) and the confident and more happy Gemma now (right)

Gemma’s transformation is well and truly underway. She has done extremely well so far and all of us at LIFT are so proud of her achievement.


Lift for me, has been a saviour.. it’s given me my life back and a sense of purpose.. it’s a lovely place of non judgement where all who work and train there have a common goal…to do their best!


This is not just a weight loss story. This is a story of commitment, education but most importantly a life changing experience. What Gemma has achieved will be with her for life. She has developed the mindset of long term success and overcame the short term weight loss fixation.

LIFT ethos number 8 – Strength


True strength is not developed by what’s on the bar. True strength is developed by what’s in your heart


You don’t need to struggle on your own. Let us help you develop and overcome the barriers that are holding you back.