This is…. Blowing your mind

Let me blow your mind! We can lose weight eating only Doritos and Kit-Kats, and we can gain weight eating only chicken and broccoli! MIND = BLOWN Without going too science on you all, weight gain and weight loss is simply dictated by our TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). TDEE is how many calories we […]

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This is… detoxing

What is a detox?  By definition: “A detox is a treatment that is intended to remove poisonous or harmful substances for your body” Collins English Dictionary – Online  Basically removing toxins from our bodies that have been ingested in some way and which are harmful to our health.  However many detox companies have a variety […]

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This is… Dave

This is Dave. Dave has just undergone a 12-week transformation phase with us at LIFT. Before we get into the article lets just take a minute and appreciate how good he looks to date and how impressive his transformation is. Many places use before and after photos to entice the readers into a false perception, […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of New Year training

Do’s and Don’ts of New Year training Christmas is now a distant memory, the New Year has been celebrated and everyone is left feeling a little depressed, bloated, and convinced about not having any more alcohol until the summer…. Yeah! Like that’s going to happen.   This is when New Year resolutions kick in and […]

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This is… GOALS!

GOALS! – Climbing the mountain one step at a time. To train with a purpose you need to identify goals. Identifying goals provides a meaning and motivation to train at your absolute best. A goal is anything that is specific to you. It could be a target body fat (BF)%, a maximum squat weight or […]

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