Category: fat loss

Increase calories, lose more weight

Sounds illogical, right. How can you eat more and yet, lose more? This is a very common occurrence through and working with people through the years I’ve noticed it’s been something that always blows people’s minds. However there are no tricks or magical fat burning foods, it simply comes down to selective dismissal. I am […]

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Energy Balance & Metabolism

On our Monday night Facebook live event we discussed metabolism and how we can change energy balance by influencing certain aspects. Here is how it went down: There are three aspects we need to consider: BMR – Basel metabolic rate – an estimate of how much energy you would burn in 24hrs at complete rest […]

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This is… detoxing

What is a detox?  By definition: “A detox is a treatment that is intended to remove poisonous or harmful substances for your body” Collins English Dictionary – Online  Basically removing toxins from our bodies that have been ingested in some way and which are harmful to our health.  However many detox companies have a variety […]

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This is… Dave

This is Dave. Dave has just undergone a 12-week transformation phase with us at LIFT. Before we get into the article lets just take a minute and appreciate how good he looks to date and how impressive his transformation is. Many places use before and after photos to entice the readers into a false perception, […]

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