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Do you struggle to show up? Don’t be alone

Do you find you start training with a ton of enthusiasm and motivation only to find 4-6 weeks later your gym visits become significantly less frequent? Your motivation has dwindled away and the excitement of getting that dream body had worn thin.   One of the main reasons people quit on their fitness goals is […]

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Three principles for muscle development

Have you been training for a while now but don’t appear to be making any mentionable gains? Maybe you seen an initial surge in development but now you struggle to see changes.   I spent a good amount of time in my younger years looking for development, but I was always disappointed with the lack […]

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What is Personal Training?

Sorry, I could resist the opportunity to use a buff guy in cheesy short, shorts… But in reality, this is many peoples perception of Personal Trainers …but what is Personal Training (PT)? Many perceive PT’s to be glorified rep counters or people that are going to get you out of bed at 6am and make […]

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What is a transformation?

A transformation is anything that is specific to you that you have actively and positively changed. Here at LIFT, in Stanley, we specialise in working with you to achieve your own ambitions of positively transforming your life. This can be your physique, your confidence, your self-esteem, your health or a combination of them all Here […]

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This is… GOALS!

GOALS! – Climbing the mountain one step at a time. To train with a purpose you need to identify goals. Identifying goals provides a meaning and motivation to train at your absolute best. A goal is anything that is specific to you. It could be a target body fat (BF)%, a maximum squat weight or […]

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