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It’s their most wonderful time of the year…

January is notoriously a month of post-Christmas depression and guilt. From high energy festive spirits to a low, unmotivated dark depression literally in the space of 24hrs. In general Christmas takes us away from reality and we allow ourselves to relax more and have fun… and why not, after all we probably spend too much […]

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Has your metabolism been damaged like Bryan’s?

You’ve probably heard of it, but do you know what it is? Metabolic syndrome or Syndrome X as it can also be referred to is a cluster of metabolic process that have become abnormal due to lifestyle and dietary choices.   The risks:   Type 2 diabetes Cardiovascular disease.   The health factors:   Insulin […]

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55lbs down… so far!

Six months down and 55 lbs lost… Like many people Gemma came with the goal of losing weight. She had done many diets in the past and in some cases lost a lot of weight. But here lies the issue… weight. The fixation on weight can be truly debilitating. The focus becomes solely on the […]

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