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Know Your Protein

We know it’s important but what do you get for your returns? Once over, when the research wasn’t as easily understood, protein was associated mainly with building muscle. If you wanted to look like Arnie you ate protein… and lifted weights. However, the research is now for more advanced than it was back then, and […]

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January F**kery

Part 8: Creating your training program The finale! The finish! The climax! The last instalment of January F**kery. Honestly, I could probably keep going and continue this well into next January, I have so much more I want to help you with but there is more than enough to get you thinking acting differently this […]

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Kim’s new bod!

Another prime example that lifting weights and developing badass strength does NOT cause women to bulk… provided they manage their calorie intake. Kim has been part of ourLIFT family since we opened in January 2015 but has been training in our female group CORE sessions for the past 18-months. Our CORE sessions are designed to develop […]

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Cushions & jumpers… an analogy to female bulking

Lifting weights leads to huge biceps, traps and quadzillas. It creates an uncanny resemblance to the incredible hulk and develops the ability to tear clothes at the slightest squeeze of a muscle Anyone can easily add 10, 20 or 30lbs of muscle in a few measly months by simply eating more protein and lifting a […]

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Three principles for muscle development

Have you been training for a while now but don’t appear to be making any mentionable gains? Maybe you seen an initial surge in development but now you struggle to see changes.   I spent a good amount of time in my younger years looking for development, but I was always disappointed with the lack […]

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Do you struggle to add muscle?

Do you find yourself constantly in the gym and lifting weights but not seeing any notable results? Like you, I have been in this position and felt I was different and unable to add any definitive muscle mass. The guys around me were huge and made it look so easy… But muscle building is like […]

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