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Laurence Results!

Two years ago, Laurence approached us to help him change his health and physique. Being both a business and family guy his time was limited, and he gradually fell down the slippery slope of neglecting his own health and wellbeing “With a busy family and business life I struggled with managing to lose weight and […]

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Suzanne Results!

The persistency of weights causing, women in particular, to bulk still resides and fails to be quashed Suzanne is a first-class example of how lifting weights “does not” cause bulk She has been training with us now for a good 8-10 months and resembles nothing of the incredible hulk But there is something that she […]

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Hollie Results!

    “I first joinedLIFT in June 2017 doing classes in the morning as I was overweight and unfit and wanted to get more exercise into my routine. Spending a few months getting to know the guys at LIFT made me realise how knowledgeable they were in terms of fitness, nutrition and healthy living. I […]

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Menstruation and Fat Loss

Men and women, although possessing many similarities, have obvious differences with menstruation being one of the most evident. With regards to training and nutrition it’s important both coach/trainer and client have a basic level of understanding on the subject. What is menstruation? This is a one month cycle that women go through from puberty up […]

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Energy Balance & Metabolism

On our Monday night Facebook live event we discussed metabolism and how we can change energy balance by influencing certain aspects. Here is how it went down: There are three aspects we need to consider: BMR – Basel metabolic rate – an estimate of how much energy you would burn in 24hrs at complete rest […]

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This is… Dave

This is Dave. Dave has just undergone a 12-week transformation phase with us at LIFT. Before we get into the article lets just take a minute and appreciate how good he looks to date and how impressive his transformation is. Many places use before and after photos to entice the readers into a false perception, […]

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