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Fasted Cardio… What You Should Know About It’s Effect On Fat Loss!

Low intensity fasted cardio accelerates fat loss… or does it? 🤔 It’s been long believed that participating in low intensity cardio before breakfast increases fat oxidation. Therefore, removing more body fat than non-fasted cardio. I’ve seen it all over Facebook. Especially now, during lockdown. People out early doors for their hit of “fat blasting” cardio. […]

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January F**kery

Part 8: Creating your training program The finale! The finish! The climax! The last instalment of January F**kery. Honestly, I could probably keep going and continue this well into next January, I have so much more I want to help you with but there is more than enough to get you thinking acting differently this […]

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Do you struggle to show up? Don’t be alone

Do you find you start training with a ton of enthusiasm and motivation only to find 4-6 weeks later your gym visits become significantly less frequent? Your motivation has dwindled away and the excitement of getting that dream body had worn thin.   One of the main reasons people quit on their fitness goals is […]

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