Do you struggle to show up? Don’t be alone

Do you find you start training with a ton of enthusiasm and motivation only to find 4-6 weeks later your gym visits become significantly less frequent? Your motivation has dwindled away and the excitement of getting that dream body had worn thin.


One of the main reasons people quit on their fitness goals is down to motivation and a lack of accountability. It starts off well with great intentions and you’re hitting the gym three to four times per week.


But then something comes up and you miss a session. The next time you have had a long day and you are feeling pretty exhausted and unmotivated, so you skip the gym and head straight home to vegetate on the couch.


“I’ll go tomorrow”, you convince yourself.


But before you know it three weeks have past, and you haven’t even been close to the gym.


Your motivation has completely gone, and no one has asked where you’re at because you have zero accountability to anyone. It’s easy to make excuses and justify not training to yourself because ultimately you will agree with your own excuses.


Now let’s say you have joined a group-based training gym. You finish work at 5pm and they have a 6pm slot every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. This will give you enough time to get back and changed in to your gym gear.


You find the other people in your group have similar goals, lifestyle and working life to you. You immediately build up a bond and have a solid connection through your love of wanting to improve your lifestyle and fitness.


Again, the same situation arises, something comes up and you miss your session. It happens, life gets in the way. Only this time you are disappointed you had missed. You actually feel slightly devastated. Maybe you got a message from one of your team-mates to ask where you were.


“I bet I’ve missed a good session”, you say to yourself.




Training with likeminded people is empowering and motivating

You now realise you have a strong motive to turn up, you have accountability to the rest of the group.

The days you feel tired and unmotivated are soon diminished by the energy the rest of the group delivers.

You are now part of a team that encourages each other to progress. A team that supports each other’s goals and ambitions. A team that picks you up when you fall down.

You are more likely to be consistent with your attendance and look forward to training.



Imagine this:


There’s a nice restaurant just opened up in town. You have two options:


  1. Your friends have arranged to go on Thursday night and have booked a table for 7pm. You know you’ll have fun with great conversation. The night will be an absolute blast. You’ll forget the stressful day you’ve just had because now it doesn’t matter, you’re having fun. You’ll leave feeling energised and happy.


  1. You like to be more flexible and Wednesday evening is a more convenient time for you, so you will go alone. You haven’t decided on a time yet, you’ll just go when you feel ready. You plan on taking a book to read in between your starter and main. It’ll be a quiet night, but it means you can be left to stew about the stressful day your boss had just created for you.


Which night are you most likely to attend? Maybe both. But which night will most fuel your fire to do it again?


A group of people with the same intentions, goals and desires can have an empowering effect on your motivation, commitment and long-term mindset. On the days you feel down and unmotivated, your team will pick you up. On the days you feel “ready for it” and “on fire” – you will generate energy for the rest of your team.


Group training has been a huge part of LIFT since we opened 4 years ago. In fact, it was the foundation of our early development because it’s something we know works and it’s something we do well. People are more motivated. Attendance is higher. And results are so much better.


But there is something else. Something I realised and built upon all those years ago when I first started helping people with their lifestyle. Group training must remain small for it to be effective and this is for a few reasons:


  • Small groups are less overwhelming
  • You develop camaraderie within your group
  • You receive a more personal side to your training from the coach


If you lack motivation and find your results are near non-existent through your lack of adherence, but you are desperately wanting things to change. Then I urge you to join a group of likeminded people and watch your results go from zero to hero.

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Let your journey begin!