Feel 100% Better Guaranteed… Or Your Cheesecake Back!

Here’s an idea! 

And I 100% guarantee this WILL make you FEEL 100% better.

But this is only for those currently binge watching Netflix and munching cheesecake for breakfast. 

And maybe those who want to get out of their little funk lockdown has created.

If neither of these are you then please don’t be offended by me insinuating you eat cheesecake for breakfast. 

Go right ahead and continue pouring wine on your cornflakes (lol) 

*I’m teasing of course*

Anyways, here’s my little “get out of your funk” challenge. 

  • Get up 30 minutes earlier everyday and go for a walk. – The difference fresh air and exercise makes to your mental health is priceless, and ironically FREE!
  • Drink 1 more glass of water and eat 1 more apple than you do right now – Hydration and nutrition. These alone will have you feeling more energised and focused. Look, I’m not even asking your to change your diet… just add these two little things.
  • Switch the TV off half an hour earlier on an evening, and instead read a book – TV is mind numbing trance. Hours can pass and you neither feel better or achieved anything. Reading positively stimulates your brain and creates new neurologic pathways, making you smarter.
  • Go to bed 30 minutes earlier to make up for the 30 minutes you lost on the morning – Sleep is super important. This is where you grow stronger from your training and smarter from reading your books 😁

Sounds too simple, right? 

Yes! Because simple works.

The simpler it is, the more chance you’ll stick to it and the better the results you’ll actually achieve.

If you do this for one week and you DON’T feel better, you can go back to binge watching Netflix and eating cheesecake for breakfast 😁

Guilt free! 

Please feel free to leave a comment!