Helen Result! Fighting weight loss

We talk a lot about why people should be more focused on fat loss than weight loss. In case you have been living under a rock lately here is a short blog post on why.

However, there are scenarios where weight loss is the ultimate factor and I have a prime example of just this.

Helen has been a client of mine for some time and we have worked extensively on building her strength and lowering her body fat. When she first came to me she was weighing around 80kg (before photo).


Left: 80kg – Right: 61kg (including 3kg water loss)

However, this all changed when she decided to compete in a Muay Thai fight back in December 2017.

Her main focus on fat loss was put on the shelf and her prime target was weight loss. She was weighing around 70kg at this time and needed to make weight of 61kg (20 lbs loss) in 10 weeks.

Helen had a deadline where she needed to make weight. She had two options:

  1. Drastically reduce calories, lose muscle tissue and sacrifice performance
  2. Moderately reduce calories, maintain muscle tissue, drop body fat then structure in a weight cutting strategy to drop a few kg’s hours before weigh in, all while maintaining performance.

For anyone that is unsure, cutting weight is a strategy that requires careful and structured manipulation of carbohydrates, sodium and water for the sole purpose of losing weight in a short amount of time. This is common practice in weight specific sports.

The ONLY benefit this has is being lighter on the scales, which for Helen at this time was priority. As soon as Helen stood off the scales she immediately started to hydrate and consume normal eating to replace the lost fluid.

Through smart nutritional programming and a ton of commitment and determination from Helen, she was down to 64kg a week out from her fight and was still performing at her best. Although fat measures were not taken her strength and performance throughout did not decline which indicates lean tissue was being preserved.

“he helped me by structuring a weight-loss plan to allow me to take a Thai boxing fight.  Having fought previously, I knew how hard the weight cut could be, however, with Keir’s help, I made weight easily” 

Helen’s case was extreme but an example of when, and only when, weight loss becomes the focus. Just to put things into perspective, once Helen started hydrating and eating again she re-gained her lost water weight of 3kg (6.6lbs) within a few hours!

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