How to create a calorie deficit without tracking calories

On chatting with one of our LIFT members yesterday, he asked how to create a calorie deficit without the need to actually track calories…

My response was that it is very specific to each individual, which is why we work with individuals on their specific requirements, and you would need to look at your specific habits, for example:

Someone may eat really well and actually be in a calorie deficit in terms of the foods they consume but if said person then goes out and consumes fifteen pints of lager over the weekend they have just created a 4000-4500 calorie surplus…

So, for this person they need to reduce the excess, in this case it comes down to the lager

Someone else may be completely sporadic with their nutrition and need to delve further into detail

However, I have compiled a five-step process that, if implemented, anyone will see dramatic differences


  1. Reduce/eliminate high calorie snacks – A Mars bar contains 260 calories – lose this and you could save up to 1,820 calories per week


  1. Eliminate beverages that contain calories – That Costa latte is around 200 calories – lose this and you could save up to 1,400 calories per week


  1. Drink at least 2.5ltrs of water per day – Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger, maintain hydration and you will be less likely to snack


  1. Palm size protein source with every meal – Protein has a high thermic effect. Basically, it’s harder for your body to break down so not only will it raise metabolism, and have you burn more calories it will keep you fuller for longer


  1. 2 x fist size portions of veg with each meal – veg is loaded with vitamins and fibre. Vitamins keep you healthy and the fibre will keep you full

This is nothing you probably haven’t heard before, but countless times I hear


“yeah, I understand that but…”


The problem is most people do understand it, they just don’t implement the necessary steps because they are too focused on looking for a magic solution…

There isn’t one

Hard work, consistency and a desire to “want” to change is the only thing that will work

If you have these things and you implement the above steps you WILL see results, this I guarantee

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