Instant results, would you take it?

Everyone wants the answers delivered on a plate or more precisely on a quick Google search.

Don’t believe me?

I’ll bet my life you’ve Googled at least one of the followings or similar phrases:

  • How do I lose body fat?
  • How do I tone up?
  • How do I lose belly fat?
  • How do I lose weight?

My point is you already know how to lose fat, lose weight or tone up. It’s simple, you move more, and you eat less i.e. be in a calorie deficit (negative energy balance) and keep active.

But is it really that simple?

From a physiological perspective, yes, it’s that simple. But, like learning to drive… you just turn the key and press the accelerator, right? … it takes time and skill to perfect the process.

There’s a number of difficult manoeuvres you need to get right. There’s also the issue with other people being on the same road as you who seem like pros compared to your kangaroo jumping style, which makes you feel pretty lame and like “you’ll never be that good”… and of course there’s the days where nothing goes right, and you keep stalling the car!

Sound familiar?

Then over time these seemingly impossible tasks become easier and before you know it you’ve passed your test and you’ve achieved your goal.

So, how does this once terrifying and difficult task suddenly become easy and like you were born to do it? Because you work at it every day. It’s on your mind every day. You want your freedom of being able to go wherever you want to go without driving instructor Ted slamming on his dual control brakes every time you dare to sneak past the speed limit without him knowing. It’s his car, so it’s his rules. Obey them!

You want this badly, so badly in fact you’re willing to take two lessons a week, even a day if just meant you get the taste of freedom!

Your determined. And when your determined there is no stopping you.

Unfortunately, when it comes to your health you take a completely different approach. You look for someone to give you the answer (or pill) in the hope of bypassing the difficult stage and landing in paradise.

But would you be truly happy if you could bypass the work, the graft, the stages where you learn about you, your mind and what your body is truly capable of? The stages where it develops you as person and makes you not just physically but mentally stronger?

How many times have you heard or actually said:

“I’d be so happy if I just won the lottery”

But then you hear about how most of these “lucky” people who win the lottery lose their money, ruin their relationships and end up becoming depressed within 12-months.

Why? Because they didn’t earn it. They didn’t put the hard work in to achieve it and they have no appreciation for the gift. They have no concept of how to handle that much money and it ultimately ruins them.  At the beginning it’s great they buy loads of fancy objects that they believe will make them happy, but at the end, it doesn’t.

Why do you think self-made billionaires are constantly successful? Because they enjoy the process. They learn from the multitude of failures they’ve endured, and they constantly look to grow and develop. For them it’s not all about the money, it’s about the process, the systems and the challenges. It’s about something deeper than new toys and shiny objects it’s about finding out about their true potential and the excitement of discovering what they are really capable of.

Fat loss, weight loss, fitness or whatever bracket you want to put it under is no different. It’s a challenge, it’s your challenge. It’s also your chance to achieve something that most people will never achieve. Why? Because it’s takes a lifetime. It’s not 12-weeks, or 12-months it’s your challenge for life.

And this isn’t just the case for fat loss, the same applies for anything you want to succeed at in life.

But this challenge shouldn’t be looked at with dread. It should be viewed as your opportunity to find your true potential and unearth that smouldering fire that is ready to reignite. We all have it, it simply needs poked and prodded a few times.

If you’re in the mindset of instant results, then I’m afraid you’re on a losing track. You won’t ever find what it is you truly want. You’ll go through short periods of instant hits and short-term glory but ultimately, you’ll be forever searching for the answer.

And as great as Google is you won’t ever find what you’re looking for. Because you’re the answer, you’re the solution to your problem. You just need to stop searching and start doing.

If you’re ready to stop searching and start doing now is the time to get in touch and start your adventure.

Keir Spoonz