Is your weight out of control?

From a day to day basis you appear no different than you did the day before. But then you look back at photos from 6-months, 12-months and five years ago and then the reality hits you in the face harder than a five iron.


You then grasp you have gained a tremendous amount of weight with no warning. But in actual fact there were warnings. Your pants started feeling tight, so you stopped wearing a belt, you need to stop for breath walking up a flight of stairs, all of your t-shirts “shrunk” in the wash.


The warning signs were there but for whatever reason they weren’t enough for you to take action. Sometimes it takes a huge slap in the face to bring someone back to reality and take responsibility for their actions. Because after all, it was your actions that got you in this situation.


The weight didn’t accumulate overnight. You didn’t eat a pizza and ice cream on Friday and wake up on Saturday 60lbs overweight. This is something that has accumulated over time, years in fact.


I want you to accept one truth before you read on… You will not lose all of this weight in 12-weeks, 6-months or even a year. This is not to discourage you it’s to prepare you for what lies ahead. You will face hardships, you will want to quit, and you will feel like everything you do gets you nowhere. You will feel like every day you have to battle, some days more than others.


But then, 6-months, 12-months, 18-months down the line you look back from the day you started and realise the difference you have made. You are not only 55lbs down, but you are happier, more confident, stronger, more educated in health and fitness, your mindset has changed from ignorance to acknowledgment and your body shape has actually changed. People want to be around you more due to the infectious aura of positivity you now natural possess but most importantly you now realise the value of life.


Small steps over time lead to big miles. But you first need to prepare for the journey. You need to believe in yourself and you need to be persistent enough to stick with the journey. Because you will face barriers and you will have days where you want to quit. The majority of people will quit at the first hurdle. Successful people are in the minority. It takes mental strength and character to be successful.


Be in the minority, it’s less crowded over there.


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