It’s their most wonderful time of the year…

January is notoriously a month of post-Christmas depression and guilt. From high energy festive spirits to a low, unmotivated dark depression literally in the space of 24hrs. In general Christmas takes us away from reality and we allow ourselves to relax more and have fun… and why not, after all we probably spend too much time being too serious and stressed all year round anyway.


But unfortunately, with any high there follows a low. But this low is heightened by the feeling of guilt. Guilt of eating too much food and drinking too much alcohol. This is an ideal time for the unethical to prey on the vulnerable.


Think about it. How do you feel like come January?


Bloated, tired, sick of sweet food and alcohol, disgusted, desperate, lethargic, fat, unfit, wobbly, tight shirt, a need to get your fat pants out from the wardrobe – I’m sure you can resonate with at least two of these.


Now, taking these “feelings” into mind what would your reaction be if someone said you can:


“lose 7lbs in 7 days”


You’d probably just throw over your purse or wallet without hesitation. And that’s exactly what they want, the Dick Turpins of the fitness industry. They know your pain and they know how to take what they want.


You’re basically in a state of desperation. And human beings don’t think logically in a state of desperation, we simply look for quick solutions.


You already know detox’s are cons, shake diets are ridiculous and keto is for the insane. I know you do because you’ve read or watched my content before and already understand the principles of fat loss.


But still, in a moment of desperation you come across a “new” diet that claims to be the answer. You’re intrigued. However, it’s nothing new, it’s just been presented in a different way… it’s the devil in disguise.


Ask yourself one question the next time you come across:


Keto, weight watchers, slimming world, Cambridge, Herbalife, slim fast, skinny coffee, juice and shake only diets or any other CALORIE RESTRICTIVE diet that claims to be the “Holy Grail”


Can they (the seller) explain WHY?


Not dictate or manipulate but explain, in detail, the benefits to you and your health.


All these diets do is restrict calories. You do not need to eliminate food groups, drink your food or follow “rules” that make less sense than no sense at all.


You don’t need a diet. You already have one. You just need to understand it better.


January is fast approaching, don’t be another desperado.


At LIFT our aim is to educate so you have the tools to do it alone.