Kim’s new bod!

Another prime example that lifting weights and developing badass strength does NOT cause women to bulk… provided they manage their calorie intake.

Kim has been part of ourLIFT family since we opened in January 2015 but has been training in our female group CORE sessions for the past 18-months.

Our CORE sessions are designed to develop muscle (not bulk) and create a shapely physique. This of course is not possible without the commitment to control your calorie intake.

Kim took it upon herself to sit down and be accountable for what she was consuming. Her results have been outstanding so far but she is still pushing on for better.

Building strength is empowering. Developing muscle tissue while simultaneously managing calorie consumption is a far superior way to shape an eye catching physique.

If you’re a female reader to this article don’t be afraid to get in the weights room and start doing something great. You will NOT develop humongous shoulders or a square chin from lifting weights… but I can’t promise you won’t become a badass female!

Well done Kim

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