Female only training.

This is our female only training membership. This has been specifically designed to help females lose body fat, build strength and enhance confidence. At most gyms the weight room has always been a male dominant area, but things are different at LIFT.

With CORE we work with you on goal setting, nutrition, training and lifestyle. This really is our ultimate package.

It also includes full access to our facility.

Won’t lifting weights make me bulky?

This is a myth, but to reassure your concerns you can check out our results we’ve had with our female members and clients here. None of which resemble the hulk!

Membership Includes

***Female Only Training

***Nutrition & Lifestyle Support

*** Monthly Accountability, Goal Setting & Measurement Sessions

*** Full Gym Access

*** Unlimited Group Training Classes


per month

Limited to 60 members - 44 remaining

Be part of the friendliest, most welcoming, training facility in Durham.

Choose your membership option and get involved!

Our membership Packages

- Access to our fully equipped facility during opening hours
- Nutrition pack - Option of goal specific program design
- Small group (6 max) personal training
- Two sessions per week - £74.99pm
- Three sessions per week - £109.99pm
*Does not include gym access
- 12-week goal specific package.
- Your goal, our solution.
- Work 1-1, 2-1 or 3-1 with one of our coaches.
- Price quote available on request.
- Application required.
*Does not include gym access
£19.99 - £104.99/
1. Gym access (for LIFT Fit/PT options) - £19.99pm
2. 8-week accountability program - £80
3. 12-week goal specific training program - £104.99