Small Group Personal Training

LIFT Fit is not your average class… in fact, it’s not a class at all.

It’s small group personal training.

With small group personal training you have a coach to be accountable to every session. You have a group of training buddies to be your support and motivation. You have no excuses not to get results!

Maybe you want a full lifestyle change, maybe you just want to train and progress or maybe you aren’t quite sure where you’re at right now and just need some expert guidance to help you work things out.

Whatever your reasons you can be sure we’ll help you get there.

LIFT is not just a gym. We are a community that is brought together by one commonality…

To be the best possible version of ourselves.

Membership Includes

** 1, 2 or 3 group PT sessions per week

** All of the support you need to succeed

** Full gym access during opening hours

***eBook (beginners guide to fat loss and muscle building)

*** Monthly Recipe Book (30 delicious recipes)

From £74.99

per month

Limited to 100 members - 90 remaining

Be part of the friendliest, most welcoming, training facility in Durham.

Choose your membership option and get involved!

Our membership Packages

- Access to our fully equipped facility during opening hours
- Nutrition pack - Option of goal specific program design
- Small group (6 max) personal training
- Two sessions per week - £74.99pm
- Three sessions per week - £109.99pm
*Does not include gym access
- 12-week goal specific package.
- Your goal, our solution.
- Work 1-1, 2-1 or 3-1 with one of our coaches.
- Price quote available on request.
- Application required.
*Does not include gym access
£19.99 - £104.99/
1. Gym access (for LIFT Fit/PT options) - £19.99pm
2. 8-week accountability program - £80
3. 12-week goal specific training program - £104.99