One reason you are not seeing results

When was the last time you noted actual progress. Progress that you could say with 100% certainty confirms what you are doing inside of the gym and outside of the gym is actually working? Do you how how it feels to be reassured that what you are doing is taking you one step closer to where you need to be… This feeling of reassurance not only promotes motivation but it drives confidence to the point you start letting go of the mental barriers that are currently beating you back down into the world of uncertainty and despair.

In my younger years of training I would hit the gym… without a plan… I would eat a lot of food in the hope to add muscle… without a plan… but the worst of all I didn’t assess… I basically winged it for years

The result? Well that’s the point, poor ones at best!

I didn’t know what worked, I didn’t know what didn’t work… There were too many uncertainties because I didn’t measure progress. This would have me jumping from gym program to gym program in the hope of finding the holy grail. Failing that, my gym schedule was made up of what I wanted to do on the day which generally comprised of pull-ups and cardio… I’ve never been an “every day is bench press day” kind of guy… so I did have a little bit of sense.

These days however is a different story… I continually assess, progress and achieve results… My clients continually assess, progress and achieve results… This is the only way to continue to make big changes. This is the only way to know what your currently doing is working for you.

There are a multitude of ways to assess and progress and I’ll highlight a few ways we operate here at LIFT

– Body fat, tape measures, weight
– Photos, clothes (how they fit)
– Accountability record tracking sheets, program sheets

This list is not exhaustive, and you don’t need to use every single one… But to make progress and achieve actual results you must use something…

I am a huge fan of taking photos. Most of us are looking for a better looking physique so it makes complete sense to use photos as a number one tool for assessment… The only issues with photos is that we can be biased on our own perception of what we see. For example, you looking at your own photos will be drawn to the areas you dislike the most and feel there is no change. I will look at your photos from a professional perspective and be drawn to the changes that have developed. So from this respect it’s also a good idea to use numbers.

Numbers help us make adjustments from an evidential sense, for example, if you are at 25% body fat and weigh 160lbs we could aim for 22% body fat and 145lbs…

Please not these numbers are fabricated to visualise a point.

Ask yourself a few questions:

1. Are you currently achieving results? If not why not?

2. If you are, what are your results? Write these down 

3. Do you assess on a regular basis or do you wing it and hope for the best? Be honest here


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