Suzanne Results!

The persistency of weights causing, women in particular, to bulk still resides and fails to be quashed

Suzanne is a first-class example of how lifting weights “does not” cause bulk

She has been training with us now for a good 8-10 months and resembles nothing of the incredible hulk

But there is something that she has gained, besides the leaner physique, and that is an improved performance time. Suzanne is a long distance runner and since starting strength training she has wiped 25minutes off her half marathon time – GNR September 2017 – 2:17.00 , Edinburgh May 2018 –  1:52.00

Wait! So, it also hasn’t made her heavier and slower… Wow! Who would have thought

Her full marathon is still to come

So let’s put to bed the myth that strength training causes bulk and accept the fact eating too much food and being inactive causes bulk