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Cushions & jumpers… an analogy to female bulking

Lifting weights leads to huge biceps, traps and quadzillas. It creates an uncanny resemblance to the incredible hulk and develops the ability to tear clothes at the slightest squeeze of a muscle Anyone can easily add 10, 20 or 30lbs of muscle in a few measly months by simply eating more protein and lifting a […]

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Weight loss Vs. Fat loss

Whether you require weight loss or fat loss is entirely your call. But before you make the decision be clear on what both are and the results it will achieve: Weight loss: Loss of muscle, stored energy, water and a small % of fat Very little improvement of physique (essentially a smaller version of the […]

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How to lose belly fat

Do you find yourself crossing your arms over your stomach when you sit down, sucking in when company is present or wearing baggier tops than normal, so it doesn’t “cling” to your belly? I bet you have also tried every diet going, every food that “eliminates” belly fat and yet still you’re frustrated. Look, we […]

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Laurence Results!

Two years ago, Laurence approached us to help him change his health and physique. Being both a business and family guy his time was limited, and he gradually fell down the slippery slope of neglecting his own health and wellbeing “With a busy family and business life I struggled with managing to lose weight and […]

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Increase calories, lose more weight

Sounds illogical, right. How can you eat more and yet, lose more? This is a very common occurrence through and working with people through the years I’ve noticed it’s been something that always blows people’s minds. However there are no tricks or magical fat burning foods, it simply comes down to selective dismissal. I am […]

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This is…. Blowing your mind

Let me blow your mind! We can lose weight eating only Doritos and Kit-Kats, and we can gain weight eating only chicken and broccoli! MIND = BLOWN Without going too science on you all, weight gain and weight loss is simply dictated by our TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). TDEE is how many calories we […]

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