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Carbs, The Truth You Need To Know!

PART 2: MENSTRUATION AND SUGAR “ADDICTION”… WHAT’S GOING ON? I just like to first put it out there… As a guy I will never experience what it’s actually like to go through menstruation. Therefore, the following article is based on what I’ve read, studied and years of experience working with women. So, although I can’t […]

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Kim’s new bod!

Another prime example that lifting weights and developing badass strength does NOT cause women to bulk… provided they manage their calorie intake. Kim has been part of ourLIFT family since we opened in January 2015 but has been training in our female group CORE sessions for the past 18-months. Our CORE sessions are designed to develop […]

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Weight loss Vs. Fat loss

Whether you require weight loss or fat loss is entirely your call. But before you make the decision be clear on what both are and the results it will achieve: Weight loss: Loss of muscle, stored energy, water and a small % of fat Very little improvement of physique (essentially a smaller version of the […]

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Linda Results!

Running around after two young children, helping run her family business and working a professional lecturing job, Linda should have every excuse not to train… On and off, Linda has been one of my longest serving clients (4 years) and so much has happened within that time. When we first met Linda was prepping for […]

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Suzanne Results!

The persistency of weights causing, women in particular, to bulk still resides and fails to be quashed Suzanne is a first-class example of how lifting weights “does not” cause bulk She has been training with us now for a good 8-10 months and resembles nothing of the incredible hulk But there is something that she […]

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Hollie Results!

    “I first joinedLIFT in June 2017 doing classes in the morning as I was overweight and unfit and wanted to get more exercise into my routine. Spending a few months getting to know the guys at LIFT made me realise how knowledgeable they were in terms of fitness, nutrition and healthy living. I […]

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