The ONE secret for successful fat loss

This article is for anyone that is serious about fat loss. If your sole concern is weight loss and what the number on the scales states every weigh-in day then this probably isn’t your bag.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of training and nutrition programs, diets, exercises regimes etc., and it can be very confusing to what you should be doing…

I know from my own experience that we are swamped with information to the point it becomes so messed up that we think “what’s the point?”.

I really do feel your pain with this, even now as I write this there will be yet another new system or modality that is the next “best thing ever”… and this is fine, because there is more than one way to skin a cat… apparently!

But there is one thing that you must keep in mind when it comes to fat loss… and let’s be clear here: we are talking FAT LOSS, not WEIGHT LOSS.

This one, most important aspect is… muscle retention.

This means we need to preserve muscle tissue. Muscle tissue is a live tissue, it’s metabolic, therefore it requires energy to survive, which in turn means we burn more calories at rest… and as an added bonus it also makes us look better naked!

A calorie deficit on its own WILL NOT preserve muscle tissue!

So, when you start to restrict calories but change nothing else, the weight you see dropping on the scales won’t be just fat.

There are three things to consider when losing fat and preserving muscle tissue and when combined you are setting yourself up for unlimited fat loss potential:


  1. Calorie deficit

Basic energy in Vs. energy out. Eat less than you burn and you will lose weight. Eat more than you burn and you will gain weight.


  1. Lift weights/resistance training

Our muscles like to be stimulated and challenged. Imagine you were left all day to sit in a chair and not be spoken to or interacted with anyone. You are going to feel pretty demotivated and lousy.

Now imagine someone comes into the room and says:


“Come on, let’s go, I have arranged a day full of activities and fun things to do!”

You are going to be pretty psyched and motivated. You will respond with excitement and you’ll want to be active.

Think of your muscles the same way… Don’t leave them to fester and be demotivated. Treat them with respect and offer them some stimulation.


  1. Protein

Protein is your muscle’s supply of food. When you consume enough protein it will help repair any damage caused by lifting weights (this is a good thing)… It also means that thanks to enough supply of protein your body won’t turn to your muscle tissue for energy – which it would have done if a calorie deficit was your only weapon for fat loss.


To wrap this thing up!

If fat loss is what you are serious about – and you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t –  then accepting muscle retention as essential for fat loss will ease  many doubts of misinformed techno babble. If you then apply the three principles mentioned above to your daily regime you can’t fail to develop a killer physique.

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