3 hacks for a more productive day

  1. Make your bed before you leave the bedroom:

Let me ask you, how does it make you feel when you oversleep and start rushing around to get out on a morning? It makes you feel flustered and underprepared, right? And this feeling generally stays with you for most of the day.

Now imagine flipping this feeling on its head and creating a more productive and self-accomplished mindset to start the day. Your thought process will be completely different, and you will handle bigger tasks more effectively.


  1. Eat a good quality breakfast:

 As with making your bed, starting the day by eating a good quality breakfast will influence your thought process for the rest of the day. Whacking cornflakes in a bowl is not a quality breakfast and creates a habit of urgency and convenience.

Wake a little earlier and spend an extra 10 minutes making and enjoying a wholesome breakfast –  and let’s be honest, did you really feel any better off by hitting the snooze button for the third time?

What does a good quality breakfast look like?

Protein, fats and vegetables… My personal preference is:

3 egg omelette with peppers, onions and sweetcorn.

(prep time – 3 minutes – less if you cut the veg up the night before)

(cooking time – 4 minutes)


  1. Put your gym gear in the car the night before:

 The nights are drawing in and are getting darker and colder. It’s far too easy to drive home after work and retire for the night. This simple task will eliminate the excuse to first go home to collect your gym gear. This is one less excuse you have to make!

Habits are what form our mindset and deliver our actions. Bad habits create bad actions, good habits create good actions. The choice is yours to make.


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