Weight loss Vs. Fat loss

Whether you require weight loss or fat loss is entirely your call. But before you make the decision be clear on what both are and the results it will achieve:

Weight loss:

  • Loss of muscle, stored energy, water and a small % of fat
  • Very little improvement of physique (essentially a smaller version of the current you)
  • Reduced metabolism due to the loss of muscle tissue
  • A decrease in appetite (due to reduced metabolism) leading to poor eating habits
  • Early ageing (reduced skin flexibility and hair loss) due to lack of nutrients
  • The scale number goes down (yey!)


Fat Loss:

  • Reduction of fat tissue primarily
  • Improved body composition
  • Increase in metabolism due to muscle development
  • An increase in appetite (due to increase metabolism) leading to better eating habits
  • Delayed onset of ageing (body is provided with essential nutrients that improve skin and hair quality)
  • What you weigh doesn’t matter because you look better naked


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