What is a transformation?

A transformation is anything that is specific to you that you have actively and positively changed.

Here at LIFT, in Stanley, we specialise in working with you to achieve your own ambitions of positively transforming your life.

This can be your physique, your confidence, your self-esteem, your health or a combination of them all

Here we have one of our clients that came to us around 8-months ago. His confidence was low – you can see this from his slightly withdrawn posture on the before photo – and he wanted to build a little muscle and strength

Looking at his “now” photo, it oozes confidence and I can also confirm – from seeing him on a daily basis – that his confidence has sky rocketed

His mental well-being, his strength and his physique have all positively developed and he has well and truly started his transformation

He is now on the path of continuous development and will continue to progress on his quest to improve his physique