What is Personal Training?

Sorry, I could resist the opportunity to use a buff guy in cheesy short, shorts… But in reality, this is many peoples perception of Personal Trainers

…but what is Personal Training (PT)?

Many perceive PT’s to be glorified rep counters or people that are going to get you out of bed at 6am and make you run a few miles and leave you in a sweaty mess on floor until the next time, all in the name of fat loss. Unfortunately, many PT’s hold this mantle and adopt a military style persona. This regrettably comes at the cost to their client’s health, well-being and results.

Personal Training is, or should be, like any other profession. We are dedicated professionals that invest a good amount of our own time and money into education. We work with a host of clients and build on our experiences with the aim of mastering our craft. If we can work towards this then our service to our clients becomes so much more than yelling… 5 more reps!

We learn to understand people as people, we learn to understand biomechanics, physiology and biochemistry, we learn to understand psychology and relate to people on a personal level, we read research and learn how to implement the findings in to real life, we learn that people are different, and one size does not fit all, we learn to adapt and evolve…  but most of all we learn all these things and deliver a life changing service to our clients.

Should you choose to hire a PT?


I recently developed an infographic that offers a nice little visual




Is Personal Training expensive?

The question you should be asking is:

“How much do I value my health?”

But also keep in mind that the value of the service will be reflected by the price.

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…and let us being your journey

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